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A brief bio

I live and work in Oxford in the UK, where I divide my time between writing ELT/EFL material, teaching and teacher training.


I teach English on the Foundations of Diplomacy and the British and European Studies courses and on a number of other shorter courses at the University of Oxford, where I am also a teacher trainer. I have in previous years taught in Paris, France and for a short time in Skopje, Macedonia.


I frequently give teacher training talks and workshops on a range of ELT/EFL topics at conferences and other events both abroad and in the UK. Places I have visited include Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Cyprus, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Malta and Ireland.


I am also a tutor on the University of Oxford's English Language Teachers Summer Seminar, a teacher training course held every year at one of the University Colleges.


Writing occupies a large part of my professional time, and I have written or co-written a number of grammar books, course books, teacher’s books and other resource material for a number of publishers. The most recent of these include Language Hub (Macmillan), English Grammar for Italian Students with Dyslexia (OUP), Keynote Proficient Workbook (NGL), Grammar and Vocabulary for the Real World (OUP), Oxford EAP B1 (OUP), Oxford Learner's Pocket Verbs and Tenses (OUP) and The Complete English Grammar for Italian Students (OUP).


Other books I have contributed to include Roadmap (Pearson), Life (Cengage/NGL), Keynote (Cengage/NGL), Navigate (OUP), English Plus (OUP), Think English (OUP), Move (Macmillan), Inside Out (Macmillan), Gateway (Macmillan) and Timesavers Speaking Activities (Mary Glasgow). I have also written and adapted a range of published material for learners with dyslexia.


While having a wide range of teaching, training and writing experience, areas of particular interest to me include Grammar, EAP and provision for learners with Dyslexia.


After a first degree in Environmental Biology, I went on to do a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education), an RSA Dip TEFLA and an MA TESOL (Distinction). I also have an LCCI Certificate in Teaching Business English.


In my spare time, I play the drums.




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