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My workshop at IATEFL 2018

By jonhird, Apr 10 2018 12:00PM

Here's a summary the workshop I gave at IATEFL 2018 in Brighton.

The session first revisited and considered the merits of a simple tried-and-tested extended speaking activity, a key element of which is a pre-task planning stage.

We then focused on this planning stage and looked briefly at some of the extensive research, including my own MA TESOL research, that shows that pre-task planning can generally impact positively on language production in terms of greater fluency and greater lexical, syntactic and grammatical complexity and increased accuracy compared to when the task is undertaken without this planning stage.

We then considered how this is thought to be grounded in information processing theory, which suggests that during online (real-time) task production the speaker is not able to attend fully to all the requirements of the task and instead allocates his or her attentional resources by prioritising one aspect (eg propositional content) over another (eg linguistic content), but that when the speaker has the opportunity to plan, he or she may compensate for these processing limitations and attend to a greater range of linguistic and propositional demands.

Along the way, we listened to and briefly assessed a teenage learner of English undertaking such an extended speaking task.

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