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Dyslexia Handout, Poland September 2016 Extended Speaking Handout, Italy TESOL November 2015 Contemporary English Handout, Italy TESOL November 2015 Dyslexia Handout, IATEFL Birmingham April 2016 Grammar Games in the Classroom, Poland 2016
ELTSS 2016 EG1 Grammar Fundamentals
ELTSS 2016 EG2 Words Have Grammar
ELTSS 2016 EG3 Take Advantage of your Students
ELTSS 2016 EG4 Exploiting Texts
ELTSS 2016 EG5 Cohesion and Coherence
ELTSS 2016 CE1 Contemporary and Non-standard Grammar
ELTSS 2016 CE2 New Words
ELTSS 2016 CE3 Teen-speak and Slang
ELTSS 2016 CE4 Online-speak
ELTSS 2016 CE5 Spoken Grammar